Starting out as a part-time freelance copywriter at Three's Maidenhead Head office, I eventually went permanent as a full-time copywriter in December 2008. I was then seconded to the Lead Copywriter role, which was later offered to me permanently and renamed Knowledge Editor. 

Copy wise, the role was varied and included: 

  • writing, editing and building customer-facing content for
  • text messages, call centre scripts, emails and web-chat templates
  • writing for high profile campaigns like Skype, Spotify, iPhone, iPad and mobile broadband
  • content for the then-new Three app
  • FAQs, step-by-step guides, video film scripts and more. 

The world of mobile and telecommunication companies are filled with jargon that most people don't understand. So day-to-day, writing at Three  was all about taking technical and complicated information, and converting it to simple language for customers.